Tucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ

Tucson, Arizona… the hidden gem if traveling from Europe.

When planning a trip to the states, choosing exactly where to go can be one of the trickiest decisions holidaymakers have to make.

From the dazzling lights of Las Vegas to the charm of New York, the list of places to visit is near endless on a USA trip. However, if you’re looking for something a little different from the norm and to take the path less traveled, there are a handful of hidden gems scattered throughout the USA.

The problem with visiting America is that the majority of tourists tend to choose the East or West edges of the country. However, move in just a state or two and your eyes will be opened to what makes America really special.

If you’re looking for our recommendation for the must-see city in the USA, there can only be one – Tucson, Arizona.

What makes Tucson, Arizona a true hidden gem?

There’s a whole lot of unique ingredients that go into making a city what it is today and Tucson offers the whole package.

Located South-East of Phoenix and just a stone’s throw from the Mexican border, Tucson’s geography offers a perfect storm of incredible scenery, a fantastic climate, and desert surroundings.

But it’s not just the location of Tucson that makes the city a fantastic talking point, there’s a whole host of great activities, eateries, bars, and attractions that visitors will fall in love with!

Incredible eateries and bars

If there’s one thing that tourists can’t get enough of, it’s the food in Tucson.

A huge range of bars and eateries make for difficult decisions when choosing to eat, especially when booking shorter stays! With steak houses such as Charro Steak and breakfast spots like The Cup Cafe, tourists and locals alike are spoiled for choice with award-winning cuisine.

Located so close to the Mexican border, Tucson boasts a rich selection of phenomenal Mexican restaurants and cafes. A spot of breakfast at “Baja Cafe of Tucson”, lunch at “El Guero Canelo” followed by dinner at Guadalajara Grill gives a fantastic palette of flavors from just beyond the border.

If Mexican isn’t your style, you’ll be sure to love any number of the Southwestern joints that litter the city – we’re getting hungry just thinking about them!

Amazing attractions

Tucson is home to a huge number of amazing attractions ranging from shopping to golf with plenty in between.

The Pima Air and Space Museum is just plane awesome (see what we did there?) and covers an enormous 80 acres of aircraft-filled land. There’s a total of 6 indoor hangars, 3 of which are dedicated to WWII planes, over 400+ different aircraft with private, military, commercial, and spacecraft populating the site. It’s a must-visit for any aero-enthusiast.

The Gaslight Theatre is another hidden gem found in the city, offering a true theatre experience complete with free popcorn! The building itself offers an insight into the history of the city whereas inside you can expect showstopping performances from the talented cast and crew.

Speaking of taking a step back in time, how about heading to the Old Tucson, the one-of-a-kind attraction that takes visitors back to the wild west. In this blast from the past, guests can experience incredible live-action stunt shows, animated and exciting musicals, and live entertainment and even vintage rides for kids to enjoy. There’s nothing else like it!

There’s one thing for certain, you’re unlikely to be bored with nothing to do in Tucson!

The great outdoors

The location and scenery around Tucson really do offer a huge amount to tourists and locals in the area.

Whenever you fancy stretching your legs or giving the lungs a workout, there’s a long list of activities that you’ll be able to get up to.

Sabino Canyon is a highlight, with numerous picturesque hiking routes available for all levels of fitness. Those that fancy something a little different from the typical trail walk can find swimming spots, biking routes, and picnic areas throughout the canyon. For a full overview of the whole area, guests can take a narrated shuttle bus tour.

Saguaro National Park is another top destination for the Arizona-traveller with countless trials linking the other-worldly landscape. Cacti stretch as far as the eye can see in one of the most unique national parks in the country – it has to be seen to be fully believed.

If it’s the great outdoors that you’re looking to make the most of, Tucson offers a fantastic spread of opportunity.

Top-quality accommodation

No matter your budget when visiting the city, there’s sure to be top quality accommodation waiting to be booked to rest your head in the evening.

The incredible luxury of the Armory Park Inn is sure to impress and located directly in the heart of Tucson, it’s hard to think of a better location for weary travelers to rest. The boutique Inn is complete with a fitness center, complimentary bike hire, gorgeous outdoor areas, and luxury linen.

Explore the history of each individual room from the George O. Hand Room to the Larcena Pennington Room, each with a unique style and approach. The Inn should be an attraction in itself.

Tucson, Arizona – a true hidden gem

From a wide range of bars and eateries to the museums, attractions, and the stunning scenery that makes Tucson, Arizona a true hidden gem.

The convenient location is a huge benefit for visitors to the city, located just South-East of Phoenix and north of the Mexican border, offering a unique environment with a fantastic culture. Desert landscape and countless cacti in Saguaro National Park are a highlight for any outdoor lover.

A whole host of activities, from the unique Old Tucson to the Pima Air and Space Museum offers a little something for everyone, something that’s only complemented with the fantastic energy of the Southwestern city.

With top-quality accommodation in the heart of the city waiting for guests – Tucson is begging to be visited on your next trip to the States!

Desert hills surrounding Tucson Arizona

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